Locations & Dates

Our Partnerships

LifeHoops is looking to grow to more YMCAs in under-served areas of Charlotte in the Fall of 2017 and is looking to expand its current relationship with the Simmons YMCA and Albemarle Road Middle School.

YMCA Locations

  • Simmons YMCA – Democract Drive, Charlotte
  • Johnston YMCA – North Davidson Street, Charlotte


  • Albemarle Road Middle School

Upcoming: We plan to expand LifeHoops to Stratford Richardson YMCA in partnership with Reid Park Academy in September, and Johnston YMCA in partnership with Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School in October.

Kicking Things Off

LifeHoops is a year-round program, coupling different sports throughout the year with a focus on academic achievement and LifeSkills. Here’s a peek into the timeline of the first few months of the LifeHoops program.

  • Jan 2017


    Patricipant and parent information sessions at local middle schools and YMCAs.

  • Feb 2017


    Invitations sent to participants and preseason clinics.

  • Mar 2017


    The LifeHoops program begins!

  • Apr 2017


    Tournament play begins.

  • Aug 2017


    Transition begins to fall sports.


April 8th, 2017 – First LifeHoops tournament

April 9th, 2017 – LifeHoops participating in the Spectrum Center takeover, sponsored by Red Ventures